The Saint Of the Impossible

SAINT Rita is one of the other SAINT that I came across while searching for my own patron SAINT. Although my baptismal name is Anna, I had no idea which Saint Anna is my sponsored SAINT.

SAINT Rita has a fascinating life story. She was born to an older parents through prayer, and she was clearly God's chosen one. She was fed honey by the bees while her parents worked in the field.

What I Learned From Saint Rita

  • Love God first and foremost 
  • Keep praying
  • Never give up on prayers
  • Forgive all 
  • Faithful and devotion
What I Take Away From Saint Rita
  • Believe that God knows what is best for you
  • Give your entire being to do God's work no matter what life situation you are in
  • Pray without questions
  • She has three patron SAINTS to call on for intercession
  • She received one thorn on her forehead from the crown that Jesus wore for her love and devotion to God

I haven't found my patron SAINT as of yet, but Saint Rita came closest to mirror my life. Like her, I wanted to be a nun but was turned away because of my physical displacement. Like her, I got married and have children. However, unlike her, I am divorced and my children are living. I still want to live my life in a religious institution but I know deep in my heart that it wouldn't happen.

The is a beautiful video dedicated to SAINT Rita

Through the period of looking to deepen my spiritual, I was lead to know about SAINT Rita and this was when my fascination began.

And if you are still thirst to know more about SAINT Rita, here is the link to the movie about her life: Registered & Protected

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