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Although I haven't been updating this blog, I have often think of it. Time and responsibilities seem to get the best of me.

I found myself listen to hym songs every morning, watch and discovery new SAINTS during this time, but somehow, just didn't have the time to post or preparing for one properly.

Today, SAINT Philomena came as an inspiration and I feel the urge to write down. She is one of the first Saints that I came across two years ago when I was searching for a patron Saint to pray to or to be more correct helping me with my prayers with God.

I have bookmarked this little short video below:

What I Learned From Saint Philomena
  • She was a younger girl who refused to marry an Emperor
  • She was courageous with her repeating refusals
  • She was tortured many times in different ways
  • She died as a virgin and a martyr so not to sin
  • Many later Saints devoted to her
What I Take Away From Saint Philomena
  • Have courage to stand up for what you believe
  • Know that God is with you even when you go through torments
  • Have strong faith
  • She is known to answer prayers
  • She became SAINT solely from her intercessions
Here is another video talking about how they discovered SAINT

SAINT Philomena is a fascinating Saint to know even though her earlier life was barely mentioned. She became quite a phenomenon Saints who made many miracles.

If you want to listen to a longer story of SAINT Phenomena, here is a link: Registered & Protected

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