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It is the right time of the year to take a look at the life of SAINT Nicholas, and how he became so popular at the beginning with his good deeds, helping the poor, and giving to the children.

We have somewhat forgotten the truth spirit of giving and taken it out of context by buying more presents more gifts for ourselves, rather than focusing on the poor and the needy.

With each passing year went by, the demand and expectation of gifts also got bigger. I am hoping you will take a minute and learn about his Holy man, SAINT Nicholas!

Here is a short video that talk about the origin of Santa Clause:

What I learned about SAINT Nicholas
  • He became a priest at the age of 19
  • He became the Bishop of Myra
  • He gave all of his wealth to the needy and children
  • He is known for his love and generosity
  • Virgin Mary and Jesus came to restore his rightful place in the church
What I take away from SAINT Nick
  • To give without expecting any returns
  • To give without the need for others to know who is the giver
  • He is a patron SAINT of many things and many people
  • He lived a Holy life
There are a few videos about SAINT Nicholas, but the two videos in this post are the one I chose to display with respect for the SAINT who started the spirit of giving.

I am posting this a bit late, but I believe it will serve the purpose for the future when we buying gifts for our loved ones, and that to remember SAINT Nicholas and his love for the poor the needy. Registered & Protected

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