How to Become a Saint

As part of my journey to deepen my spiritual need, this video came to me without searching one morning. I wish to share this with you all, so we can share in the glory of God once we are done with this earthy life.

I am sure you've heard "reach for the star"! So why not reach for the goal of becoming a SAINT!

If you have your own definition of what it takes to be a SAINT, it is your choice. However, don't let your own belief that all SAINTS do great things deter you from doing SMALL things to be sanctified.

Another video came to me to confirm that we all must aim to be a SAINT in our daily life by living simple with the love for God, and for our neighbors.

Do what you can, with what you have, and dream to be a SAINT! Isn't this the after life we wish to have? Registered & Protected

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