Fourteen Flowers Of Pardon

The more I get to know the SAINTS, the more I am amazed at how and who God has chosen to be his special blessed people. There are some extraordinary SAINTS and there are just ordinary SAINTS.

SAINT Maria Goretti, and ordinary girl who did one EXTRAORDINARY thing by refusing to commit sin. The extraordinary thing she did was that she forgave her attacker before she died. She was only 11-12 years old.

SAINT Maria Goretti is a patron SAINT of Chasity. Her life story and the road to Sainthood is a fascinating one to know.

What I learned about SAINT Maria Goretti:
  • She is the youngest canonized SAINT in the Catholic church
  • She was only 11 years old
  • Her mother and siblings were at the canonized celebration
  • Her killer was there also
  • She died from 14 stabbed wounds
  • She forgave her assaulter on her dead bed
What I take away from SAINT Maria Goretti:
  • Before she died, she said: "I forgive Alexandro. I want him in heaven with me."
  • She came to her killer in his dream and gave him 14 lilies as the sign of forgiveness to the 14 stabs
  • Do whatever it takes to not commit sin
  • To forgive, including the person that kill you
  • In forgiving the wrong doer, you might be able to converse the person
This is a movie about SAINT Maria Goretti: Registered & Protected

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