The Gifts Giver

It is the right time of the year to take a look at the life of SAINT Nicholas, and how he became so popular at the beginning with his good deeds, helping the poor, and giving to the children.

We have somewhat forgotten the truth spirit of giving and taken it out of context by buying more presents more gifts for ourselves, rather than focusing on the poor and the needy.

With each passing year went by, the demand and expectation of gifts also got bigger. I am hoping you will take a minute and learn about his Holy man, SAINT Nicholas!


Fourteen Flowers Of Pardon

The more I get to know the SAINTS, the more I am amazed at how and who God has chosen to be his special blessed people. There are some extraordinary SAINTS and there are just ordinary SAINTS.

SAINT Maria Goretti, and ordinary girl who did one EXTRAORDINARY thing by refusing to commit sin. The extraordinary thing she did was that she forgave her attacker before she died. She was only 11-12 years old.

SAINT Maria Goretti is a patron SAINT of Chasity. Her life story and the road to Sainthood is a fascinating one to know.


How to Become a Saint

As part of my journey to deepen my spiritual need, this video came to me without searching one morning. I wish to share this with you all, so we can share in the glory of God once we are done with this earthy life.

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