Seeking A Deeper Spiritual Energy

For the past two years, I develop an unquenchable thirst to know about the SAINTS, any SAINTS, ALL SAINTS!

I came face to face with anxiety attacks due to life changing events, and struggle to find my place on earth, the purpose of my life, and what I suppose to do.

After screaming for help but found none, I went in a deep depression, cut off communication, and seek for deeper spiritual energy from the SAINTS. I want to know what GOD wants me to do, and what I am supposed to do.

I can't say that I found the answers or that I understood HIS assignments for me. But I can totally say that I am comforted by all the misery and sufferings of ALL the SAINTS.

Understand this, I don't find joy in the Saints' pain or the cruelty that they went through. In fact, tears and sorrows were all I feel.

My sufferings and miseries are nothing in comparison to ALL the SAINTS; but they are, HUGE in term of human form for me! Truth to be told, I am a handicap, a single mother of three, and I am poor as dirt!

Saying that doesn't mean I want your pity or your sorry, but for you to understand why my miseries and my sufferings are HUGE to me.

So this is my account for the journey to know the SAINTS. Registered & Protected

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