Death But Not Sin

I came across SAINT Dominic Savio watching a movie about the life of SAINT Bosco. There is very little  information on SAINT Dominic Savio.

He died in his early teenager years, again this is unreliable, depending on who interpreted the information. While some said he died at home with his parents around; other said he died at the Oratory where SAINT Bosco was the presider.

On his first Holy Communion he made four resolutions (this information is consistent with all others that I have found):

  1. I will go to confession and communion as often as my confessor allows
  2. I will sanctify Sundays and holy days in a special way
  3. Jesus and Mary will be my friends
  4. Death but not sin
Here is a great movie video on SAINT Dominic Savio

What I learned about SAINT Dominic Savio:
  • He is patron SAINT of Teenagers or Youth
  • He was nice, cheerful and helpful to others
  • Devoted in prayer to Jesus and Mary
  • He wanted to be a priest  at a very young age
  • He served mass at the age of 5
What I take away from SAINT Dominic Savio:
  • Trust in God, no matter how you feel 
  • Do everything, no matter how small, in the glory of God
  • Do not sin, or at least try not to sin
Here is beautiful video about SAINT Dominic Savio:

I hope you are learning something about this young SAINT, such as his devotion, his love for God, and his desire not to sin. I have been on and off trying to find more about SAINT Dominic Savio for two years now. What a beautiful soul this young SAINT had! Registered & Protected

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