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All Saints
If you landed here on A Thirst For All Saints, and think that I worship the SAINTS, you are not wrong. I worship them in a very different way, but they are not ABOVE GOD.

God is always FIRST and FOREMOST!

Then why is it that the title of my blog not A Thirst For God, you might ask? God is TOO DIVINE, TOO HOLY and surrounding HIM are the ANGELS and SAINTS.

To get to GOD, I must find my way through the ANGELS and SAINTS!

ANGELS are spirits, in which I believe, and I have faith, but I can't relate.

SAINTS on the other hand, are human, like me, who went through life with all the emotions and despairs. Thus, I can relate to them, find some similar things in them, learn from them and imitate my life to theirs as much as I can.

Before I even come across the video above; I have a desire to be a SAINT!

I often told my close friends and family that I will die a SAINT! Most of my friends believe that I would be, could be; but family knocked off that idea in their own definition of a SAINT.

Am I too ambitious? Am I holly enough to be one? Am I conceited? Do I have sin by saying that, wanting that, comparing myself to the SAINTS?

This is the reason I want to know more about the SAINTS and have a Thirst For All SAINTS!

I kept a record of all the SAINTS that I've come across.

What I can sum up is this: they are all human like me, very down to earth, with all the good and bad traits, poor, physically disabled, mentally slow, a civil female, etc. I can relate to them, all of them, on one small scale or another.

They showed me how they lived to the fullness of God's love and how to accept the Cross HE has given to them.

Who said that my life doesn't resembling some of the SAINTS' life? Who said that I didn't suffer like they did? In my heart and in reality, I did suffer and still suffering.

I am not wrong in wanting to be a SAINT!

People set goal and have ambition in life. Mine is to be a SAINT after I die, and if not a SAINT then a quiet life in heaven, somewhere near my Jesus!

I see myself in the SAINTS.

I say the truth, the feeling in my heart, and what God would punish me for saying the truth? Registered & Protected

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