Death But Not Sin

I came across SAINT Dominic Savio watching a movie about the life of SAINT Bosco. There is very little  information on SAINT Dominic Savio.

He died in his early teenager years, again this is unreliable, depending on who interpreted the information. While some said he died at home with his parents around; other said he died at the Oratory where SAINT Bosco was the presider.

On his first Holy Communion he made four resolutions (this information is consistent with all others that I have found):


Aim to Be a Saint

All Saints
If you landed here on A Thirst For All Saints, and think that I worship the SAINTS, you are not wrong. I worship them in a very different way, but they are not ABOVE GOD.

God is always FIRST and FOREMOST!

Then why is it that the title of my blog not A Thirst For God, you might ask? God is TOO DIVINE, TOO HOLY and surrounding HIM are the ANGELS and SAINTS.


My Little Way-SAINT Therese of Lisieux

My Way Is All Confidence and Love
It is difficult to search for information of the SAINTS without running into some bits and pieces on the life of Saint Therese Of Lisieux, or Saint Therese of Jesus, or the  Little Flower of Jesus.

She is a fascinating SAINT, so young, so honest, so clear in what she wanted and very wise. She knew she wanted to be a SAINT, and that her work would started "in heaven on earth."

Make no mistake, Saint Therese of Lisieux and Saint Teresa of Avila are two different SAINTS.


Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry

Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry!
During my darkest time of uncertainty, denial, and challenging; I went on YouTube to search for inspiration movies to watch. I drown myself in classical love stories of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, etc.

Still, my soul is thirst for something else. Something unexplainable to my being at the time! I don't remember when or which SAINT I encountered first. But my days were immersing in the story of different SAINTS and the life of different SAINTS.


Seeking A Deeper Spiritual Energy

For the past two years, I develop an unquenchable thirst to know about the SAINTS, any SAINTS, ALL SAINTS!

I came face to face with anxiety attacks due to life changing events, and struggle to find my place on earth, the purpose of my life, and what I suppose to do.

After screaming for help but found none, I went in a deep depression, cut off communication, and seek for deeper spiritual energy from the SAINTS. I want to know what GOD wants me to do, and what I am supposed to do.

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