The Saint Of the Impossible

SAINT Rita is one of the other SAINT that I came across while searching for my own patron SAINT. Although my baptismal name is Anna, I had no idea which Saint Anna is my sponsored SAINT.

SAINT Rita has a fascinating life story. She was born to an older parents through prayer, and she was clearly God's chosen one. She was fed honey by the bees while her parents worked in the field.


The Wonder Worker

Although I haven't been updating this blog, I have often think of it. Time and responsibilities seem to get the best of me.

I found myself listen to hym songs every morning, watch and discovery new SAINTS during this time, but somehow, just didn't have the time to post or preparing for one properly.


The Story of Amazing Grace

Amazing grace! We sing it! We hear it sung! It is such a wonderful and fantastic song, but I for one, don't know the origin of how this song became so popular for ages.

Now, it is time to get to know it a bit more.


From Slave to Saint

We will be celebrating Saint Patrick's day on March 17 of this year. It is time to have corned beef, cabbage and carrot for dinner. It is time to know a little bit about Saint Patrick.

The story of Saint Patrick is quite fascinating. His life, his work and his faith are truly amazing.

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